rumah minimalis kayu

Has a villa on a mountain or beach area is not a stranger anymore. Even until there is news eviction luxury villas in mountain areas due to stand without permission. Villas are built with concrete structures that reduce the absorption of ground water. If left unchecked, mountainous areas will gradually become a new urban areas that will lose beautiful. Thus, present minimalist wooden house as residential trend brings the feel beautiful and natural.

Minimalist wooden house is a house that all the raw materials the building is made of wood. Usually this house specially ordered as a home break in a place for rural areas or other vacation spot, such as the beach. Not infrequently wooden house as it is also used as the primary model of lodgings in places of strategic holidays, to offer a natural feel to the visitor.

Wooden House Design Minimalist Modern

The wooden house is a house that is basically more spending money as the cost of construction rather than the usual home of the same size. This is what makes minimalist design wooden houses are always mutually exclusive although made with a very minimalist design. Minimalist design wooden house currently has a lot to have the development. If the previous wooden houses just a house with a fence in box, while a wooden house has developed the model without leaving a minimalist impression.

Minimalist wooden houses there can also be adjusted with the wishes of the prospective owner. Sometimes the wooden house was designed with special requests such as what is made of wood. The main building material for homes made of wood from several types of wood, some of which are teak, wood or coconut. The types of wood is a type of wood that is famous for its strength so that buyers do not need to fear fragile.

Minimalist design wooden houses can also be booked. Like a wooden house used as a customs house, the craftsmen have to adjust according to the existing philosophy. It was different when building a multi wooden house that will live alone. In other words, the craftsman always put his client’s willingness and provide input to some problems.

Model Wooden House Minimalist

Model homes modern minimalist wood varies greatly, ranging from classic to contemporary models models commonly found in urban residential areas. This is because the model of minimalist wooden house is always associated with the current back atmosphere of ancient times in the village. So that the residents can feel a sense of perfect calm in a wooden house.

Minimalist wooden house models can be designed according to the taste and the concept you want. You can use the reference model selection of wooden houses are widely available online. The developer provides a variety of all portfolios houses they had built as a reference the other for the house that you want to wake up.

Minimalist Wooden Houses Cost

Minimalist wooden houses usually see with a simple impression, but behind it there is the exclusivity of the price for each unit. Usually the craftsman or the maker provides tariff per square meter of wooden houses. So for some multi-storey wooden house, the cost will be doubled because it involves the upstairs and downstairs. However, the 2 wooden houses provide a more spacious space, making it suitable as a residence. Meanwhile, the classical model homes are smaller, but they cost less. This small house is usually suitable for home use only vacation properties at certain times only.

Making the minimalist wooden house would be cheaper if the buyer has its own main building material, namely wood. The buyer can arrange the wood and hired craftsmen to do it. So that the price to be issued will be cheaper because it only pays the cost of only.

The cost of making almost equal to the cost of treatment of a minimalist wooden houses. Wooden home care costs are more expensive because the raw material is less durable than concrete or. So every year the wooden house needs to check its strength, particularly against rodents or other animals that like wood.