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Wall color for a home is an important part. Because of the matching color, the atmosphere of the residents will also be more comfortable. Which becomes difficult in the wall painting is the selection of colors that will be used. Choosing the right color is any part that is important, especially for a minimalist home.

Because the ideal fit will give the impression that the beautiful, elegant, and luxurious to the home you live in. Therefore, you need to think mature to determine minimalist home wall paint color of your home is.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

To find the combination of wall paint color suitable for minimalist house walls of your home, it takes a creativity that the results obtained are also maximum and not arbitrary. Combination gray with red or gray with black you can try to apply for a display impression elegant home.

You can also combine the three colors, for maximum results. If there is like something natural and beautiful, you can try a combination of green color with gray. Especially when your house is close to the paddy fields, will make the home atmosphere at one with nature.

The atmosphere is jovial, cheerful but not overly crowded with paint you can display a combination of beige and orange. Then if you are dynamic and want to show the impression that in the wall color, you can try to combine purple with a little black.

Interior is also an important part to beautify every part of your home. With interior design that is right, your house will remain noticeably narrow width and also will look more beautiful and comfortable. Minimalist home wall paint color to use a mix of interior parts in 2 colors, choose a bright color with muted colors.

Then for furniture, not too much, use in moderation because too much furniture will make your space more narrow. It is important that there should be ventilation. Try each room has adequate ventilation.