rumah minimalis warna

Minimalist home is often identified with neutral colors like white, gray, beige and possibly blue or light green. However, if you like bright colors, you can still create a beautiful home with a few minimalist blend of colors as well, especially for the interior. Has colorful houses can be uplifting and increase the brightness in your home, and make the family feel at home. Colorful in the house also gives a unique impression, as eclectic or contemporary style home with views tend to be non-traditional.

Many people think that a lot of colors will make homes similar to the children’s room. However, it can to create a good balance between color and pattern, especially for interior design, so beautifully minimalist modern home you will appear harmonious and attractive without being tacky or crowded.

Beautiful house Minimalist And Alloy Color Balance

The key to making your home a modern minimalist look beautiful even with lots of color is to ensure a balance blend color. With colors balanced, it does not matter even if you want to combine multiple contrasting colors. In fact, if your home is not too much furniture or ornaments, colorful, this could be a ‘filler’ rooms were nice.

Here are tips for modern minimalist home you can look attractive even use multiple colors at once:

  • Choose two or three colors as the dominant color theme to give ‘basic’ when designing the color scheme. Once you have 2 or 3 colors dominant, additional colors can be adjusted with this dominant color that looks crowded but harmonious.
  • Use themes to choose the right color combination. For example, you can choose a theme Orange Citrus or by selecting the color orange, green and yellow; Ocean or Beach theme in blue, white and yellow; Spring theme with pink, blue and green; Berries theme with purple, crimson and blue, and so on. Make sure also that theme can be instantly recognizable to blend the colors you choose to make sense.
  • Use a neutral color as the background of all these colors (can be described as a canvas), for example the selection of beige, white or light blue for the walls. This is a common trick to balance the appearance of various colors in modern minimalist house with various color combination. With neutral colors as a canvas, you will have a grip in determining the spread of the colors in the room in the house. It is also good tips if you decide to combine colors without a specific theme.
  • By using a little adjustment and the right choice of colors, beautiful house  will look charming. However, there are tricks that can be applied to home furnishings and ornaments.

Colorful Ornaments Modern Minimalist House

If you tend to want to play it safe, the best option to obtain a beautiful home modern minimalist colorful is by focusing on furniture and ornaments are easily modified, be moved or remodeled. For example, you may not be too much play color walls and floors, but you choose wall hangings and carpets that have many colors. You can also choose different colors individual furnishings, such as a long sofa beige sofas combined with individual red and green. Or, you can choose modern bookcases, shelves and tables with different colors. Furnishings different individual colors and modern style using bright colors is also a hallmark of contemporary design.

You can also use bright colors on the ornaments like sofa cushions, curtains, lampshades, wall hangings and carpets. This is useful if you are not too confident with the use of bright colors for a more permanent element or difficult replaced as walls, floors and heavy furniture. For example, you can install wall art or a colorful abstract painting on the wall with a neutral color. Alternatively, you can use the sofa cushions and curtains in bright colors. All this is a way to decorate the house without exaggeration so beautifully minimalist home seem harmonious and beautiful despite having a lot of bright colors.