rumah minimalis 1 lantai

It currently has a minimalist home is a dream of many people, this is because the capital employed to have relatively affordable. Moreover, the house is designed in accordance with the development increasingly follow the trend and are definitely nice and attractive design.

This house is suitable for people who have limited funds and land. If you want to have this house, it is important that you need to consider is the look ahead. If you want a home that only one floor only, then looked ahead minimalist first floor of your house is designed according to the shape of your house. Your house will often be seen from the front than any area, and therefore choose the best design for the front of your house.

To get the most looks forward minimalist first floor of your home, make a plan first house that you will wake up. Ask for opinions or consult with a professional architect house plans that you made based on an appropriate and correct calculation.

It aims to organize the layout of the space will be built, usually constructed minimalist house with 3 bedrooms space, one of which is lined with kitchen, 2 bathrooms, family room and living room as well.

After considering the house plan inside, then you choose the shape of the front of the house you will often see people. Choosing the design, shape, ornaments, decorations and the use of paint is very important to note.

To add to the beauty of the facade of the house minimalist first floor you, make a design about creating mini garden, mini fish pond, and terracing. The terrace is the main thing in the order of welcoming guests upon entering the gate, and therefore create a design that matched the terrace of your home by following the location of the main door of your house.

Use colored decor is basic but firmly make it look luxurious and elegant as gray, white, red and brown. Hopefully this article can be useful to you, so much, and thank you.