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Are you still using wood as the frame roof of your house? Beware! All possibilities-from rotten to be eaten by termites-wood frame toward you.

If your roof frame fragile, the worst possible, over time your roof will collapse. This could endanger the lives of you and your family, is not it?

One solution-based product innovation that began to dominate the market since 2005 is a lightweight steel roof truss.

Unlike wood, which is the longer, the quality decreases, the quality lightweight steel roof truss is more stable, with the assurance that the certification process has been traversed.

Not only resistant to termites, a material made of steel CRC (Cold Rolled Cold) also has a tensile strength (the ability of an object accept tug) of 550 MPa. In fact, the strength exceeds conventional steel, which has a tensile strength of 240 MPa alone.

Besides resistant termiteĀ and strength, lightweight steel is also protected by a layer of corrosion prevention (rust). Generally, the coating layer on mild steel consists of galvanized, which is a mixture of zinc (zinc) and aluminum.

However, usually some large manufacturers have innovated a separate layer, such as layer (zinc, aluminum, and magnesium) in the J-Steel products.

With all this power, if you are still in doubt replace your wood with a lightweight steel roof truss?