ruang tamu nyaman

If you are uncomfortable or do not feel at home in the living room, meaning that there is something wrong in the design and arrangement. Follow these instructions to get a family room more comfortable.

  • Location and Facilities
    Ideally, put a family room in a strategic place, both in the movement of people (occupants) or air. If your living room now feels cramped, try moving position to the back porch.
  • Holder
    To impress casual and informal, can use a type different holder. Flexible holder, can be changed position and back support, can also be done to create this comfort.
  • Lamps and Light Experience
    Try to incorporate natural light into the living room by presenting openings. The creation of an atmosphere can also be done with the use of wall lights are hidden on the edge of the ceiling or add task lighting at several positions.

  • Color
    The choice of colors is safe, that is not easy to get dirty, for example, can add to the comfort of the family room.
  • Soft Furnishing
    Given the family room into a relaxing meeting place, then that should be considered is in addition to beautiful appearance, also have high durability and easy maintenance.
  • Floor Coverings
    A material that gives the impression of a warm and secure the most appropriate to be selected. Wearing wooden floor will be warm than cold ceramic impressed. The addition of a thick fluffy carpet can also provide comfort.

Thus information about the Family Room More Comfortable, hopefully this information useful to you.