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Tips for Choosing Paint Color Master Bedroom

Tips for Choosing Paint Color Master Bedroom

The bedroom is the room that is important for a home. The bedroom is a room where the owners will take a break from all the fatigue. Therefore the design of the interior of the bedroom will be different from the rooms or other rooms. The arrangement of interior design in the bedroom will not be released from their use of paint colors bedroom. Choosing paint colors bedroom is certainly not arbitrary. Because it is related to quality issues created by the color of the room to the bedroom.

Choosing a paint color master bedroom will certainly differ from when choosing a paint color for a child’s bedroom. Each room in a house of course has its own character. Room kitchen would be different from the living room as well as bedrooms. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the use of color for bedrooms. Sleeping room should use soft colors or vibrant colors. To the master bedroom then the emphasis is quality comfort break so choose soft colors.

Choosing paint colors bedroom to give elements warm the bedroom could use a chocolate or cream color in the bedroom. Selection of color can be matched with the color of furniture in use as colors bed, carpet color color and bedroom closet on this will make occupants feel relaxed and warm in the bedroom. Neutral brown color and gradation give the room a warm effect bedrooms. Continue reading

The family room is More Convenient

ruang tamu nyaman

If you are uncomfortable or do not feel at home in the living room, meaning that there is something wrong in the design and arrangement. Follow these instructions to get a family room more comfortable.

  • Location and Facilities
    Ideally, put a family room in a strategic place, both in the movement of people (occupants) or air. If your living room now feels cramped, try moving position to the back porch.
  • Holder
    To impress casual and informal, can use a type different holder. Flexible holder, can be changed position and back support, can also be done to create this comfort.
  • Lamps and Light Experience
    Try to incorporate natural light into the living room by presenting openings. The creation of an atmosphere can also be done with the use of wall lights are hidden on the edge of the ceiling or add task lighting at several positions.

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Family Room For Joint Activities

Ruang kelrg untuk aktivitas

Sometimes family room also serves as a living room. However, given the frequency of visitors to the house are relatively rare, even more space is used to accommodate the family together. That’s why it is important to prepare a comfortable family room as a place to build a warm and intimate communication.

1. Field and open
The cozy atmosphere can be presented through the arrangement of space, lighting, aeration, and the condition of the field. Even if limited, the room should have a broad and open sights.

2. Accommodating a variety of activities
How widespread is the size of the space and what needs to be placed in it, to think about the arrangement. Skewer with a hobby or activity that allows to do together in the living room, such as reading or watching TV. For example, there is a family room that blends with a children’s playground with a view facilitate supervision. As for families who love sports, often placing sports facilities, such as treadmills and stationary bicycles. Continue reading

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