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Design House Front With Natural Stone

rumah minimalis tampak dpn dgn batu

One of the things that distinguishes between the concept of minimalist modern with the original concept developed in the 1920 is the addition of a personal touch to the design of the house facade. According to the original concept, the front of the house quite covered with plaster minimalist, yet modern minimalist home draft provide protective applications that are not only limited to plaster and paint the walls. One is the application of natural stone on certain parts to make the front look more beautiful.

Front view alias minimalist facades still maintaining simplicity but does not leave the artistic element. For some homeowners modern, natural stone applied to a specific part to deliver a more natural impression and blend with nature. Natural stone combined with greenery or water element in the front garden as well blur the line between modern construction with nature.

Front minimalist With Natural Stone

Natural stone became one of the favorite choice to beautify the facade of the house minimalist. Natural stone is now available in the form of ready-made slabs as well as ceramics. So, enough with the system installation temple. In addition, natural stone colors today are very varied, so you can choose according to your preferences and your own residential concept. Continue reading

Decorator stone Parks

batu hias taman

When the grass was the favorite softscape material to fill the “floor” garden, then stone¬†who finished material “excellent” for its hardscape. Besides considered thick enough to represent a natural impression, natural stone are also considered strong and durable. In fact, there are some natural stones are considered minimal maintenance.

Wants to use natural stone as filling your garden?

The following selection of natural stone that is widely used as a filler element garden:

1. The Stone Temple
This stone is very strong and able to give the impression of cool. Although the surface is easy mossy, with superimposed coating before being installed, you can reduce the risk of moss that appears. Continue reading

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