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Vase of Used Bottles

botol hiasan

You want to decorate your home, but confused how? Try starting from simple things.

You still keep the bottles of drugs or drink at home? You can use it into a vase.

However, before the bottles was used as a vase, should do the following steps : Continue reading

Choosing Door Material

bahan pintu

Often go unnoticed, but anyone would realize how important a role the door. If there are no doors, how can we get in and out of the building?

Building a good home should have a good accessory anyway. The door as an accessory building is fitting to look beautiful, so building the house look more beautiful and attractive.

 In addition to design, material for doors should also be chosen carefully. Doors are sold has a size of 80 cm width for standard doors, there is also a size 90 cm. For the bathroom door had a size between 60-70 cm. Usually 2 m tall doors. Continue reading

Split Level

split level

The use of insulation of walls, partitions, or closet to distinguish between areas in the home will narrow the area of ​​space. Was not enough air circulation flow freely. Split level could be another way to distinguish the function of the room.

Split level is a term in the world of architecture used in buildings in certain parts have half floor height between the floor and ceiling. Lately, the term is often also used to describe the difference in floor height even though only a few tens of centimeters.

This method is considered fairly effective because in addition to the house seem spacious also more cost effective. The cost of making a barrier or partition walls can be transferred by simply making a difference in height of 10-50 cm on the floor. Continue reading

Mini Library in Bedroom

perpustakaan mini ddlm rmh

In the private sphere, all favorite activities could be included for added comfort. Especially for room space is no longer simply function as a place to rest. If reading becomes a hobby and routines that you do before going to bed, then there is no harm in presenting library in the room. By doing so, you can be more comfortable and linger reading in the bedroom.

Libraries do not have to always be in a separate room that requires a lot of places. Factors limited land and high land prices become one of the causes. With a chick and modern design, the design of the library can be a solution to the limitations of space you have. Design library is not only intended to have a functional value, but still consider the aesthetic side.

Like the library, bookshelf comes wrapped in open storage. Designed drift, bookshelves designed from wood material with thickness of 2 cm and 20 cm depth, are arranged in a row with a distance of 25 cm. Games on the basis of uneven shelves provide the luxury and make it look stiff. Continue reading


arti resisdance

A shelter is usually intangible houses, shelters, or other structures which are used as a living human being. This term can be used for all manner of places to stay, ranging from nomadic tents up apartment-rise apartments.

In certain contexts residence has the same meaning as the home, residence, accommodation, housing, and other meanings.

Social unit living in a dwelling called the household. Generally, a household is a family, even though households can be other social groups, such as a single person, or a group of individuals who are not related to the family. Continue reading

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