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Speaking of water would never finish. How come? Our life in this world is affected in existence. Our physical health will be protected if we get enough supply of clean water. The need for water is high. More than 200 liters per person to use water every day.

However, not only clean water, sewage discharge is also very influential on our health. Smooth exhaust system of this waste water (both solid and liquid) will determine the health and comfort of our lives.

Difficulty getting clean water and water distribution is not smooth a problem that often arises in our lives, at home or wherever we are. Likewise with waste water that is not managed properly, can be a source of problems that could potentially generate other problems are greater.

Waste House Live
Each residential waste from the activities undertaken by the occupants. It comes from the kitchen, bathroom, and closet. An issue that is highly fatal, if the disposal of waste water is disturbed. Environmental pollution and various types of diseases (digestive, skin, and respiratory) may appear.

Piping As Uric Nadi
The key to all the problems of water and its distribution are in the piping system (plumbing). The piping system is like the lifeblood for residents in the move. Almost all the activities in the house (cooking, washing, bathing, home care) using water. Which is handled by this system not only water, but also dirty water, used water, rain water, and dirt.

Therefore, the condition of the piping system must be primed and maintained so that no interference occurs. Disturbances in this system can occur due to the entry of dirt, rodents, insects in the pipeline or storage tanks of water, or the presence of rust on the pipe or tank materials.

For this reason the piping system must be planned and prepared carefully and correctly, even since the beginning of the construction process. Because if it was not planned from the beginning, when there is damage it will cause a lot of losses both in terms of costs and other damages.

Water Pollution
In addition to piping systems, water pollution is another thing that is always present when we talk about water. Limitations of land and construction of random, disordered, resulting in the emergence of sanitation systems ya ng ineligible.

An example is the use of shallow wells as a supplier of clean water. Shallow wells as potentially contaminated various bacteria. In fact, because of limited land supply of clean water is often from these shallow wells adjacent to an industrial area containing heavy metals (mercury or lead). In this condition, clean water is no longer suitable for consumption.

Decrease in groundwater quality is also influenced by other things such as the increasing quality of salt in groundwater. Ie sea water into fresh water layer known as sea water intrusion.

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