taman rumah minimalis

Has a beautiful garden is part of the ideal home; even if you are a small home, garden or yard can give the impression of beautiful and comfortable. Parks minimalist home is a new trend in recent years, which followed the model of the park landscape surrounding environment, so it seems natural. As a result, the park is no longer looked like an artificial landscape, but it seems quite subtle blend with the surrounding environment.

ren is widely adopted in modern style homes or contemporary. And if your house is not so large, natural garden with lawns and not too many ornaments will make the house feel relieved.

Modern Minimalist Home Garden: Grass Land For Primary Element

In many modern homes, gardens modern minimalist home is often dominated by grasslands were completely flat, then added with ornaments to affirm the yard boundaries with the surrounding environment. For example, the lawn was left neatly laid flat without too many garden ornaments such as statues, shrubs or landscape that is too detailed. This kind of minimalist home park popular because it felt relieved and airy, and if you renovate the house, the garden of this kind will always fit in with any design.

Another advantage of this kind of park is the maintenance that is not too difficult. You simply cut the grass and rake leaves may be dried, but no more. And for those of you who have a semi-open concept home, you can create a terrace or patio floor is directly connected to the lawn outside, making the home look more broadly.

Modern minimalist house garden is also popular among lovers of modern urban style for memorable clean, not cluttered, and give plenty of room to play or outdoors activities. However, had the minimalist garden natural impression does not mean you can only equip it with grass.

Modern minimalist front garden can combine elements of the land itself with functional features which can also serves as a design. Here are some common examples:

  • Blending the grass land with walking paths made of cement, concrete or stone slabs. The contrast between this hard path with green grass around it will be a unique dish and modern eye, and the hard path is certainly a practical feature for your garden. Add a small LED lights or garden lights for illumination while giving the impression of a modern and luxurious.
  • Blending the grass field with a swimming pool. It is usually applied to the minimalist garden behind the house, where the regular pool located on the grounds of privacy. The swimming pool can be associated with a ‘bridge’ wooden panels (wooden bridge) connecting the house and the edge of the pond. The contrast between the blue water with green grass into a refreshing scenery, especially if there are loungers around it.¬†Lawn lined with terraced crops at a certain angle. If you have a small yard or wish to have crops other than grass, but without consuming a lot of places, try to place a small patch of plants such as flowers that grow brightly colored, or small decorative fir, or strawberry bushes. This design is usually popular minimalist front garden, and gives the impression of a fresh without fulfilling your lawn.
  • Blending form garden lawn with a patio terrace floor is slightly elongated. If you have a patio terrace models, trying to make to the patio slightly elongated or connect bit to the park. This is to provide additional space if there are many guests or no play. You can also put extra furniture in one corner, where you can put chairs, sofas, dining chairs and so on.

If you want to park in a minimalist house really is the trend, try to find a model in the minimalist garden design. Created in the house, the garden can be a weary relievers for you. What is clear, make sure that the park is well cared for so as not to become mosquito breeding. Such a garden is modern, fresh and pleasing to the eye.