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Main functions minimalist interior Stairs

For a minimalist house that has two or more than one floor, it must use the stairs. Design ladder should be adapted to the conditions of the room. Whatever type of stair design is minimalist, glamorous or the other, the most important is the comfort and safety functions of the ladder itself. Because we all know that the stairs are used to ascend to a higher room. Therefore, ktia should think about its safety, especially if you have small children.

Many people do not pay attention to the design of the stairs, they only pay attention to the function. Whereas ktia can design stairs to our liking, so it becomes more sophisticated.

Here are some examples of the unique Stairs Minimalist Design. You may be inspired to make it happen in your minimalist home:

  • Unique design with a circular shape centered on one pole. It’s artistic ladder with white color goes great with a black handle.

  • Multifunctional stairs, maybe that’s the name that is appropriate to the design of stairs above. In addition to functioning as a ladder, also serves to store your collection of books. Besides multifunctional, looks too high artistic element in it.
  • The dominant white color combined with a striking blue color. A circular shape is characteristic design of this staircase. Spaces scattered around the staircase. The design is rather complicated, but it certainly can be implemented in your home with a few modifications.
  • This unique ladder against the wall, separated from one rung to another rung. Green color with a transparent effect gives the impression of a clean. One of the design ladder very artistic and modern style.

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