Arti rumah

In a general sense, the house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period. The house could be a human or an animal shelter, but for a specific term shelter for the animals are caged, nest, or cages. In a special sense, the house refers to the concepts of social-community that exists in residential buildings, such as the family, living, eating, sleeping, move, and others.

Construction Home
As a building, a house-shaped space bounded by walls and a roof. The house has a driveway in the form of doors with additional windows. Floor of the house is usually in the form of land, tiles, rugs, ceramic, or other materials. Modern style house usually has these elements. Room in the house is divided into several spaces that serve specific, such as a bedroom, bathroom, WC, dining room, kitchen, family room, living room, garage, shed, porch and yard.

The house has a wide range of models and diverse types of design, in addition to models of a minimalist home, there are also some other home models as models of contemporary homes, traditional houses and modern house model. In addition to having a variety of model homes today have a standard size, such as house type 36, type 45 houses, house type 54.

Energy efficiency
Nice home construction should pay attention to energy efficiency. The construction of energy efficient homes in tropical Indonesia is not as complicated as home construction in countries that subtropical, because there is no extreme seasonal changes. Energy needs for lighting, insulation, ventilation, air settings, and others not at home in countries with four seasons. Energy efficiency can be maximized by using natural lighting during the day, the layout of the right lighting, the use of energy-saving lamps, pair ventilation and insulation in walls, roofs election which does not absorb heat, and the use of energy-efficient electrical appliances.

In the design of energy-efficient homes, including all design buildings that are environmentally friendly, with minimal use of energy is not renewable and optimize the utilization of natural energy. Limited natural resources make the construction of energy efficient homes becoming increasingly relevant from now.

Protection against earthquakes
every building shall meet the safety requirements, one of which is the protection of this earthquake. Thing noteworthy because almost all of its territory has a high seismic and volcanic activity. Data show that on average each year an earthquake occurred ten events that resulted in considerable damage in the world.

The main principle of building earthquake-resistant houses exist on house plans are symmetrical, lightweight material selection and load restraint systems adequate construction. Structural plasticity is emphasized to prevent building collapse. Seismic forces can only be retained by continuous structural systems (continuous passage styles) from the top of the building to the ground.

Functions Home
In day-to-day activities, people are usually outside the home to work, school or other activities. The most frequent activities performed in the home is rest and sleep. Moreover, the house serves as a place to move among family members or friends, both inside and outside the house yard.

The house can serve as a place to enjoy a comfortable life, a place to rest, a family gathering place, and a place to show the level of society.

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