lantai carport

From its usefulness as a car park, floor is the main element that must accommodate all the things that support these functions.

Carport is not just a car stopped, he also balance the look of the house and usually becomes entrance for small houses.

For the material also varies, as in the floor containing aesthetics.

There are at least three general conditions are suitable flooring material for the carport, which is not slippery (it has a certain resistance against slip), power powerful prop for heavy loads, and resistant to various weather.

Water lines must also exist. This is useful when washing the car in the carport, so that the water can be directly channeled into the gutter.

So that smooth water lines, in addition to giving the rope of water on the floor carport, should not be made flat floor, which has a slope of about 1-3% of the horizontal length.
For construction of the carport floor, must use iron reinforcement concrete, which is arranged as woven foundation footprint. This is done to overcome the brittle nature of concrete (not able to withstand tensile stress).

Therefore, reinforcement steel, which is strong against tensile, equipping the concrete nature of this weakness. Inter-iron distance 5-10 cm reinforcement. Each meeting of the iron bound with wire so that the circuit will not be shaken.

So, to force carport floor, there are at least 5 layers, namely the native soil, sand, iron and cast concrete reinforcement, adhesive or species, and floor coverings. Did you check the back of your carport floor arrangement?