Desain Rumah dengan Dinding Kayu

This simple wooden house is a minimalist home design idea element with simplicity. Cabin design to be an extension (extension) from the existing home. This house was originally a classic building. The addition of modern functions and more futuristic make it as a suitable place for families today. Home design inspired by nature and the forest environment, provide the atmosphere and look of wooden houses, mostly made of natural materials, light and landscapes, with contemporary touches and artwork as decoration.

The house design has the potential to be a simple dwelling that is comfortable and the whole house has a function and attractive appearance. The house is equipped with wooden walls and a wooden deck, offers many outdoor shades. In addition to the entrance door as well as a window that gave way natural light into the interior and eliminate the limit that between inside and outside the home.

In addition, the use of wood for the walls and floor of the organic lifestyle that help preserve the environment. Warm-colored wood floors, modern cabinets, become a natural attraction which is very interesting from the interior of this house. Glass walls are also used in the dining room, kitchen and other rooms. Glass wall follows the sloping design of the ceiling, adding interior height and maximize the views.

The living room is a blend of contemporary art, modern furnishings and organic elements, such as natural wood floors and large windows framing views of the outdoors. Style contemporary home, but combined with modern minimalist touch.

As with other classic house, the house is equipped with a chimney which rises along the exterior of the timber. Parking lot offers a safe refuge from the heat and rain. Native trees in front and back of the house creates a healthy green environment for families.

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