rumah minimalis tampak dpn dgn batu

One of the things that distinguishes between the concept of minimalist modern with the original concept developed in the 1920 is the addition of a personal touch to the design of the house facade. According to the original concept, the front of the house quite covered with plaster minimalist, yet modern minimalist home draft provide protective applications that are not only limited to plaster and paint the walls. One is the application of natural stone on certain parts to make the front look more beautiful.

Front view alias minimalist facades still maintaining simplicity but does not leave the artistic element. For some homeowners modern, natural stone applied to a specific part to deliver a more natural impression and blend with nature. Natural stone combined with greenery or water element in the front garden as well blur the line between modern construction with nature.

Front minimalist With Natural Stone

Natural stone became one of the favorite choice to beautify the facade of the house minimalist. Natural stone is now available in the form of ready-made slabs as well as ceramics. So, enough with the system installation temple. In addition, natural stone colors today are very varied, so you can choose according to your preferences and your own residential concept.

There are several types of natural stone that is used to beautify the facade of the house is minimalist. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, namely:

  • Temple stone, rough texture and dark color. Rock types suitable to create a contrast with the light-colored wall paint such as white. Different color will be the focus of attention. The disadvantage is that large pores and prone to absorb water. If not treated properly, then the facade of the house will be easier mossy.
  • Sandstone, its not much different from the stone temple, which is dark and coarse texture. Likewise, the rather large pores.
  • Stone slabs times, the color is too dark, but the pore is smaller, so the risk of mossy also smaller.
  • Marble, is the most preferred material for the facade of the house minimalist. This stone is very loud, the colors are brighter, and small pore so suitable for use outdoors. However, comparable to the quality, the price is also more expensive marble stone.

The facade design idea minimalist With Natural Stone

The house is minimalist, natural stones are usually used for some parts of the course, for example in the pole terrace or in one of the front wall. It is only to sweeten, and is not intended to dominate the design of the house facade. In addition, you can also use more than one type of natural stone, for example, dark-colored stone to stone pillars and colored marble terrace softer for parts of the wall. This combination produces a unique look. Another option is to use natural stone instead of relief. Ready-made application of natural stone is certainly far easier than manufacturing of relief at the pole or around the window frame.

Tips on choosing the design of the house facade

There are a few things you should consider when designing facades of houses using natural stone. Here are some of them:

  • Select a specific part that is expected to attract people’s attention. So, that’s where you apply the natural stone. Applications do not have to be on the rocks overlooking the front element. In fact, there are homeowners who use it in the side walls, because the part that is expected to be the focus of attention.
  • Choose natural stone color that contrasts with the color of your house paint. Matching color made of natural stone combined with house paint, so that its beauty will not be radiated. In contrast, contrasting color will attract more attention.
  • Natural stone is not becoming a major protective structure minimalist house facade. Therefore, try not cover more than 40% of the front wall. Too many applications of stone (especially dark) will produce the impression of gloomy like a ‘cave.’ However, it is not impossible if the natural stone dominates the front wall. For this, make sure you are not using a stone or sandstone whose color is dark.
  • However, natural stone in general also has its disadvantages. Facades of houses that lined the stone requires regular attention and care to prevent the growth of moss. Then, the installation process should receive special attention to ensure that no stone slab off in a short time.

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