batu hias taman

When the grass was the favorite softscape material to fill the “floor” garden, then stone who finished material “excellent” for its hardscape. Besides considered thick enough to represent a natural impression, natural stone are also considered strong and durable. In fact, there are some natural stones are considered minimal maintenance.

Wants to use natural stone as filling your garden?

The following selection of natural stone that is widely used as a filler element garden:

1. The Stone Temple
This stone is very strong and able to give the impression of cool. Although the surface is easy mossy, with superimposed coating before being installed, you can reduce the risk of moss that appears.

2. Andesite
This stone is the most reliable because of its resistance to weathering and moss. Suitable for use in pools and moss. The variation is also quite a lot, ranging from plain, black spots, textured stripes, until piece for bundles of betel leaves.

3. Stone Koral
Coral is often spread as a decorative element in the garden. So as not easy to get dirty due to hit the ground, it could use a dark colored pebbles or soil with a geotextile lining (additional layer of soil).

5. Stone
The shape is almost as big as coconuts medium size. Stone is very suitable to fence off a tree root or as an ornamental stone pond.

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