rumah minimlis kuno

This current trend is residential houses modern and contemporary, with a design that tends to minimalism. However, minimalist dream home does not have to accentuate the impression of urban and contemporary. If you are fond of forms graceful and elegant classic design, you might combine classical elements into modern design, accentuating the impression of elegance but still with a strong practical element in contemporary residential design. This design is suitable for you who like the style beautiful, memorable classic and elegant, but still can match the concept of modern residential and not look too austere or old-fashioned.

Minimalist Dream Home Classic: Exterior Design

If you want to build a dream home is minimalist but with classic design elements, you can combine the classical elements into the concept of a modern building, or building a classical-style house from the beginning, but with modifications to the design concept and the end result seems harmonious and modern.

Classic minimalist house with a contemporary look can be built using the ideas of design elements as follows:

  • Classic-style building houses but applying usage of window glass panels plus curtain width minimalist, or window glass to the size of door-to-ceiling which is typical of a modern home. Shape of the window panel can remain square, and can also arch at the top.

  • Using the vast colonnaded porch pillars as the front of the house, but the overall shape of the house tend to be square with non-symmetrical roof. Spacious colonnaded porch pillar is one characteristic of a classic house, but this impression can be balanced with a more modern form of the house and not too many ornaments.
  • Using the model of the Mediterranean or home-style New Mexico that combines elements of modern and minimalist house: panels arched windows, balconies with iron bars thin, natural colors such as cream, beige and red brick, square wooden doors and copper ornaments. This model homes also tend to be easily modified or renovated to include additional specific style.
  • Using a square roof. Your dream home may seem minimalist modern classic by replacing the roof with a square or flat models, which is the trend of contemporary home or urban dwelling.
  • Getting the classic minimalist dream home not only of the exterior design, but also the interior.

Interior Design Minimalist Modern Classics

Interiors display easily modified so that it can display a classic design that is elegant but not memorable ancient. Home design minimalist modern classic elegance, elegant element, forms arches, ornaments and soft colors, but not memorable at all overcrowded and outdated; the kind that can be found in a luxury residential.

Here are some examples of design elements that you can apply to create a dream home design minimalist classical style:

  • High ceilings with chandeliers hanging lamp models are the hallmark of the classical style homes. Additional focal point such as a fireplace, framed photograph, framed mirrors or large hanging paintings become part of the room that will instantly attract people’s views into the corner, as well as being the focal point when you will decorate with furniture.
  • Round curved elements such as doors and window frames or the ends of furniture, plus the symmetry of these forms, giving the impression of elegance that is not as firm and sharp display of modern furniture design element geometric.
  • Furniture of leather and teak or with additional ornaments become typical modern classic minimalist house, but should remain minimalist to avoid the impression of tightness.
  • Iridescence must be balanced; use neutral colors for walls and floors, and minimalist use on furniture. The style is a bit crowded you can apply on carpets, cushions or chairs, wall hangings, and curtains.
  • Use copper or brass ornaments for door handles, window latch or hook, hook coat or jacket, lights and so on.

Building a dream home is a classic minimalist style will not make your home seem old-fashioned. Instead, you can get a home with a unique design, which combines the elegance of classic style with practicality and a sense of airy modern dwelling. Create an elegant minimalist dream house with a blend of classic and modern styles.