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Reforming Water

menata air

Speaking of water would never finish. How come? Our life in this world is affected in existence. Our physical health will be protected if we get enough supply of clean water. The need for water is high. More than 200 liters per person to use water every day.

However, not only clean water, sewage discharge is also very influential on our health. Smooth exhaust system of this waste water (both solid and liquid) will determine the health and comfort of our lives.

Difficulty getting clean water and water distribution is not smooth a problem that often arises in our lives, at home or wherever we are. Likewise with waste water that is not managed properly, can be a source of problems that could potentially generate other problems are greater. Continue reading


arti resisdance

A shelter is usually intangible houses, shelters, or other structures which are used as a living human being. This term can be used for all manner of places to stay, ranging from nomadic tents up apartment-rise apartments.

In certain contexts residence has the same meaning as the home, residence, accommodation, housing, and other meanings.

Social unit living in a dwelling called the household. Generally, a household is a family, even though households can be other social groups, such as a single person, or a group of individuals who are not related to the family. Continue reading

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