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The Easiest Type of Flooring to Clean

After one spill too many or years of dirt and grime tracked onto your flooring, you’ve had enough of cleaning your floors. You’re ready to replace your flooring, or maybe you’re moving into a new home and you want easy-to-clean flooring that will stand up to spills and dirt better. Opt for laminate flooring for your kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and as many rooms as you want to keep easily clean.

Invest in Laminate

While all types of flooring have their advantages, when it comes to easy cleaning, laminate can’t be beat. Quickly installed over existing flooring, laminate stands up to spills because you can easily use a mop, sponge or wet cloth to wipe stains and dirt away. Since it dries quickly, you won’t have to worry about moisture causing damage to your flooring. It’s easy to vacuum, too, when you spill food or encounter dust or loose dirt. You won’t feel like you have to closely monitor your pets or kids who might drag dirt all over the floor.

Carpets soak up stains and are so difficult to clean because you shouldn’t get them wet if you can’t properly dry them. Hardwood floors scratch so easily. Laminate is attractive, affordable and the easiest type of flooring to clean.

Minimalist Home Garden Design With Nature

taman rumah minimalis

Has a beautiful garden is part of the ideal home; even if you are a small home, garden or yard can give the impression of beautiful and comfortable. Parks minimalist home is a new trend in recent years, which followed the model of the park landscape surrounding environment, so it seems natural. As a result, the park is no longer looked like an artificial landscape, but it seems quite subtle blend with the surrounding environment.

ren is widely adopted in modern style homes or contemporary. And if your house is not so large, natural garden with lawns and not too many ornaments will make the house feel relieved.

Modern Minimalist Home Garden: Grass Land For Primary Element

In many modern homes, gardens modern minimalist home is often dominated by grasslands were completely flat, then added with ornaments to affirm the yard boundaries with the surrounding environment. For example, the lawn was left neatly laid flat without too many garden ornaments such as statues, shrubs or landscape that is too detailed. This kind of minimalist home park popular because it felt relieved and airy, and if you renovate the house, the garden of this kind will always fit in with any design. Continue reading

Split Level

split level

The use of insulation of walls, partitions, or closet to distinguish between areas in the home will narrow the area of ​​space. Was not enough air circulation flow freely. Split level could be another way to distinguish the function of the room.

Split level is a term in the world of architecture used in buildings in certain parts have half floor height between the floor and ceiling. Lately, the term is often also used to describe the difference in floor height even though only a few tens of centimeters.

This method is considered fairly effective because in addition to the house seem spacious also more cost effective. The cost of making a barrier or partition walls can be transferred by simply making a difference in height of 10-50 cm on the floor. Continue reading

Mini Library in Bedroom

perpustakaan mini ddlm rmh

In the private sphere, all favorite activities could be included for added comfort. Especially for room space is no longer simply function as a place to rest. If reading becomes a hobby and routines that you do before going to bed, then there is no harm in presenting library in the room. By doing so, you can be more comfortable and linger reading in the bedroom.

Libraries do not have to always be in a separate room that requires a lot of places. Factors limited land and high land prices become one of the causes. With a chick and modern design, the design of the library can be a solution to the limitations of space you have. Design library is not only intended to have a functional value, but still consider the aesthetic side.

Like the library, bookshelf comes wrapped in open storage. Designed drift, bookshelves designed from wood material with thickness of 2 cm and 20 cm depth, are arranged in a row with a distance of 25 cm. Games on the basis of uneven shelves provide the luxury and make it look stiff. Continue reading

Reforming Water

menata air

Speaking of water would never finish. How come? Our life in this world is affected in existence. Our physical health will be protected if we get enough supply of clean water. The need for water is high. More than 200 liters per person to use water every day.

However, not only clean water, sewage discharge is also very influential on our health. Smooth exhaust system of this waste water (both solid and liquid) will determine the health and comfort of our lives.

Difficulty getting clean water and water distribution is not smooth a problem that often arises in our lives, at home or wherever we are. Likewise with waste water that is not managed properly, can be a source of problems that could potentially generate other problems are greater. Continue reading


arti resisdance

A shelter is usually intangible houses, shelters, or other structures which are used as a living human being. This term can be used for all manner of places to stay, ranging from nomadic tents up apartment-rise apartments.

In certain contexts residence has the same meaning as the home, residence, accommodation, housing, and other meanings.

Social unit living in a dwelling called the household. Generally, a household is a family, even though households can be other social groups, such as a single person, or a group of individuals who are not related to the family. Continue reading


Arti rumah

In a general sense, the house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period. The house could be a human or an animal shelter, but for a specific term shelter for the animals are caged, nest, or cages. In a special sense, the house refers to the concepts of social-community that exists in residential buildings, such as the family, living, eating, sleeping, move, and others.

Construction Home
As a building, a house-shaped space bounded by walls and a roof. The house has a driveway in the form of doors with additional windows. Floor of the house is usually in the form of land, tiles, rugs, ceramic, or other materials. Modern style house usually has these elements. Room in the house is divided into several spaces that serve specific, such as a bedroom, bathroom, WC, dining room, kitchen, family room, living room, garage, shed, porch and yard.

The house has a wide range of models and diverse types of design, in addition to models of a minimalist home, there are also some other home models as models of contemporary homes, traditional houses and modern house model. In addition to having a variety of model homes today have a standard size, such as house type 36, type 45 houses, house type 54. Continue reading

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