Membangun rumah tinggal

Build homes as well as realize the dream of beauty, comfort and the means homes that suit the tastes and desires as well as members of ancestry in making home living dream, some things need to be prepared and planned well so that the activities have built houses can be implemented smoothly, in quick time and produce residential buildings with maximum quality.

 Some things are good partners building experts, providers of building materials as well as government institutions that we encounter when we build homes like :

  • Store building
  • Contractor
  • Builders (masons, carpenters, locksmiths, carpenters plumbing, electrician)
  • Architects (consultation forms and model homes)
  • Civil Engineering Consultants (consultation structures of power and security structure of the house)
  • Government institutions (building permits, land use permits)
  • Security officer

When about dealing with construction permits we need to set up some of the necessary documents for the licensing process building such

  • Photocopy of Population
  • Photocopy of certificate of land
  • Floor plan homes will be built, residential site plan drawings, images front and side.
  • Calculation of budget plan
  • Fill out a form provided at government institutions in charge of affairs permits.

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