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Family Room For Joint Activities

Ruang kelrg untuk aktivitas

Sometimes family room also serves as a living room. However, given the frequency of visitors to the house are relatively rare, even more space is used to accommodate the family together. That’s why it is important to prepare a comfortable family room as a place to build a warm and intimate communication.

1. Field and open
The cozy atmosphere can be presented through the arrangement of space, lighting, aeration, and the condition of the field. Even if limited, the room should have a broad and open sights.

2. Accommodating a variety of activities
How widespread is the size of the space and what needs to be placed in it, to think about the arrangement. Skewer with a hobby or activity that allows to do together in the living room, such as reading or watching TV. For example, there is a family room that blends with a children’s playground with a view facilitate supervision. As for families who love sports, often placing sports facilities, such as treadmills and stationary bicycles. Continue reading

Mini Library in Bedroom

perpustakaan mini ddlm rmh

In the private sphere, all favorite activities could be included for added comfort. Especially for room space is no longer simply function as a place to rest. If reading becomes a hobby and routines that you do before going to bed, then there is no harm in presenting library in the room. By doing so, you can be more comfortable and linger reading in the bedroom.

Libraries do not have to always be in a separate room that requires a lot of places. Factors limited land and high land prices become one of the causes. With a chick and modern design, the design of the library can be a solution to the limitations of space you have. Design library is not only intended to have a functional value, but still consider the aesthetic side.

Like the library, bookshelf comes wrapped in open storage. Designed drift, bookshelves designed from wood material with thickness of 2 cm and 20 cm depth, are arranged in a row with a distance of 25 cm. Games on the basis of uneven shelves provide the luxury and make it look stiff. Continue reading

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