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Living Interior Design Inspiration Tiny

interior rumah tangga

The living room is a space which is important in the house. In this space homeowners receive and entertain guests. Because of its location at the front, then the arrangement of this room should be as neat as possible because it reflects the state of his household space and also its owner. To make the living room decor does not have to be big and too broad.

With a small living room can be designed as attractive as possible to make it look more beautiful. But the arrangement of course must be true and right. The most important factor in interior manufacture design tiny living room is comfort and beauty. So although narrow but also have something special.

Paint Color Living Small

Minimalist design house synonymous with furniture that does not have a large size. Therefore, the interior design also uses a tiny living room furniture whose size is slim. Sofas, tables, and chairs select the size is not too large with simple design but still looks good and does not leave the impression of a minimalist modern because the concept is a modern concept. Continue reading

Split Level

split level

The use of insulation of walls, partitions, or closet to distinguish between areas in the home will narrow the area of ​​space. Was not enough air circulation flow freely. Split level could be another way to distinguish the function of the room.

Split level is a term in the world of architecture used in buildings in certain parts have half floor height between the floor and ceiling. Lately, the term is often also used to describe the difference in floor height even though only a few tens of centimeters.

This method is considered fairly effective because in addition to the house seem spacious also more cost effective. The cost of making a barrier or partition walls can be transferred by simply making a difference in height of 10-50 cm on the floor. Continue reading

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