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Build homes

Membangun rumah tinggal

Build homes as well as realize the dream of beauty, comfort and the means homes that suit the tastes and desires as well as members of ancestry in making home living dream, some things need to be prepared and planned well so that the activities have built houses can be implemented smoothly, in quick time and produce residential buildings with maximum quality.

 Some things are good partners building experts, providers of building materials as well as government institutions that we encounter when we build homes like :

  • Store building
  • Contractor
  • Builders (masons, carpenters, locksmiths, carpenters plumbing, electrician)
  • Architects (consultation forms and model homes)
  • Civil Engineering Consultants (consultation structures of power and security structure of the house)
  • Government institutions (building permits, land use permits)
  • Security officer

When about dealing with construction permits we need to set up some of the necessary documents for the licensing process building such

  • Photocopy of Population
  • Photocopy of certificate of land
  • Floor plan homes will be built, residential site plan drawings, images front and side.
  • Calculation of budget plan
  • Fill out a form provided at government institutions in charge of affairs permits.

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Design House with Wall Wood

Desain Rumah dengan Dinding Kayu

This simple wooden house is a minimalist home design idea element with simplicity. Cabin design to be an extension (extension) from the existing home. This house was originally a classic building. The addition of modern functions and more futuristic make it as a suitable place for families today. Home design inspired by nature and the forest environment, provide the atmosphere and look of wooden houses, mostly made of natural materials, light and landscapes, with contemporary touches and artwork as decoration.

The house design has the potential to be a simple dwelling that is comfortable and the whole house has a function and attractive appearance. The house is equipped with wooden walls and a wooden deck, offers many outdoor shades. In addition to the entrance door as well as a window that gave way natural light into the interior and eliminate the limit that between inside and outside the home.

In addition, the use of wood for the walls and floor of the organic lifestyle that help preserve the environment. Warm-colored wood floors, modern cabinets, become a natural attraction which is very interesting from the interior of this house. Glass walls are also used in the dining room, kitchen and other rooms. Glass wall follows the sloping design of the ceiling, adding interior height and maximize the views. Continue reading

Interior Design Home Appliances

Desain Interior Tangga Rumah

Main functions minimalist interior Stairs

For a minimalist house that has two or more than one floor, it must use the stairs. Design ladder should be adapted to the conditions of the room. Whatever type of stair design is minimalist, glamorous or the other, the most important is the comfort and safety functions of the ladder itself. Because we all know that the stairs are used to ascend to a higher room. Therefore, ktia should think about its safety, especially if you have small children.

Many people do not pay attention to the design of the stairs, they only pay attention to the function. Whereas ktia can design stairs to our liking, so it becomes more sophisticated.

Here are some examples of the unique Stairs Minimalist Design. You may be inspired to make it happen in your minimalist home:

  • Unique design with a circular shape centered on one pole. It’s artistic ladder with white color goes great with a black handle.

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The Minimalist One Floor The Luxury

rumah minimalis 1 lantai

It currently has a minimalist home is a dream of many people, this is because the capital employed to have relatively affordable. Moreover, the house is designed in accordance with the development increasingly follow the trend and are definitely nice and attractive design.

This house is suitable for people who have limited funds and land. If you want to have this house, it is important that you need to consider is the look ahead. If you want a home that only one floor only, then looked ahead minimalist first floor of your house is designed according to the shape of your house. Your house will often be seen from the front than any area, and therefore choose the best design for the front of your house.

To get the most looks forward minimalist first floor of your home, make a plan first house that you will wake up. Ask for opinions or consult with a professional architect house plans that you made based on an appropriate and correct calculation. Continue reading


Arti rumah

In a general sense, the house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period. The house could be a human or an animal shelter, but for a specific term shelter for the animals are caged, nest, or cages. In a special sense, the house refers to the concepts of social-community that exists in residential buildings, such as the family, living, eating, sleeping, move, and others.

Construction Home
As a building, a house-shaped space bounded by walls and a roof. The house has a driveway in the form of doors with additional windows. Floor of the house is usually in the form of land, tiles, rugs, ceramic, or other materials. Modern style house usually has these elements. Room in the house is divided into several spaces that serve specific, such as a bedroom, bathroom, WC, dining room, kitchen, family room, living room, garage, shed, porch and yard.

The house has a wide range of models and diverse types of design, in addition to models of a minimalist home, there are also some other home models as models of contemporary homes, traditional houses and modern house model. In addition to having a variety of model homes today have a standard size, such as house type 36, type 45 houses, house type 54. Continue reading

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