Membangun rumah tinggal

Build homes as well as realize the dream of beauty, comfort and the means homes that suit the tastes and desires as well as members of ancestry in making home living dream, some things need to be prepared and planned well so that the activities have built houses can be implemented smoothly, in quick time and produce residential buildings with maximum quality.

 Some things are good partners building experts, providers of building materials as well as government institutions that we encounter when we build homes like :

  • Store building
  • Contractor
  • Builders (masons, carpenters, locksmiths, carpenters plumbing, electrician)
  • Architects (consultation forms and model homes)
  • Civil Engineering Consultants (consultation structures of power and security structure of the house)
  • Government institutions (building permits, land use permits)
  • Security officer

When about dealing with construction permits we need to set up some of the necessary documents for the licensing process building such

  • Photocopy of Population
  • Photocopy of certificate of land
  • Floor plan homes will be built, residential site plan drawings, images front and side.
  • Calculation of budget plan
  • Fill out a form provided at government institutions in charge of affairs permits.

Once the building permit is completed, the next step we can make working drawings of houses to be built later, working drawings here should be as detailed as possible that describe the shape of the house, the size of walls, placement of doors and windows, high walls, roof forms and details of buildings other which will be used as a guide in building homes.

After working drawings house is finished then we specify the timing of activities to build homes, before starting the construction should hold a celebration event in advance and pray to Alllah SWT for activities build homes later can run smoothly without a hitch and can produce the work of a homes with maximum quality as desired and planned before building homes.

 The activities build homes can be carried out alone by finding builders skilled in the art or can be cooperating with the contractor / contractor / foreman who can help us in terms of management to build houses, so that we only accept so no need to bother, but of course there are additional costs we need to provide as a service fee contractor, jobber look trustworthy, professional, jujura and can work well so that activities can build homes we finished with maximum results.

 If you decide to build your own house can be read the tips in the previous article here, with the preparation and planning of the well is expected to create activities to build homes that we will carry out will be able to run well.