design kamar tidur

The bedroom is the most comfortable place for us when removing tired and exhausted after so long the activity outside. However, the bedroom can also be a room that is very boring if there is no room decor beautiful and attractive to look at. So the rooms are supposed to make our dreams become beautiful it makes sleep becomes restful. Then how is that our bedroom looks interesting?

Will provide a reference for you on bedroom design examples that you can draw at home.

  • Wall color
    Paint your bedroom with bright colors or colors that you like. By giving the room a bright color will make you look more beautiful and bright. If you like wall hangings to decorate your walls, it is also allowed to add on the walls to make it look more attractive.
  • Room Furniture
    For some of the bedrooms are large in size, has some room furniture that many may not be a problem. But for those of you who have a room not too broad or narrow, should reduce some of the stuff that makes your bedroom look more narrow.

  • Selection of Light
    The lighting in the bedroom is right will make us more bedroom look elegant and attractive. If your bedroom has walls with bright colors choose light rather dark. This affects the effectiveness of your sleep, because the incoming light while you sleep can inhibit the hormone. So try not to light is too much on your room.
  • Decoration Mirror
    Complete your bedroom walls with decorations mirror. Bedroom will look more attractive when there are multiple mirrors adorn the walls of the room. Especially for women who love ornate. With the mirror, we will not be bored when linger in the room.

Similarly, the reference design attractive bedroom that you can try at home. Make room design beautiful and attractive is an easy task. Do not need a lot of money if you know the ropes. So, keep always the beauty of your rooms for the convenience of your sleep.