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Month: October 2014

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors Wall minimalist

cat rumah tampk dpn

Wall color for a home is an important part. Because of the matching color, the atmosphere of the residents will also be more comfortable. Which becomes difficult in the wall painting is the selection of colors that will be used. Choosing the right color is any part that is important, especially for a minimalist home.

Because the ideal fit will give the impression that the beautiful, elegant, and luxurious to the home you live in. Therefore, you need to think mature to determine minimalist home wall paint color of your home is.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

To find the combination of wall paint color suitable for minimalist house walls of your home, it takes a creativity that the results obtained are also maximum and not arbitrary. Combination gray with red or gray with black you can try to apply for a display impression elegant home. Continue reading

The Minimalist One Floor The Luxury

rumah minimalis 1 lantai

It currently has a minimalist home is a dream of many people, this is because the capital employed to have relatively affordable. Moreover, the house is designed in accordance with the development increasingly follow the trend and are definitely nice and attractive design.

This house is suitable for people who have limited funds and land. If you want to have this house, it is important that you need to consider is the look ahead. If you want a home that only one floor only, then looked ahead minimalist first floor of your house is designed according to the shape of your house. Your house will often be seen from the front than any area, and therefore choose the best design for the front of your house.

To get the most looks forward minimalist first floor of your home, make a plan first house that you will wake up. Ask for opinions or consult with a professional architect house plans that you made based on an appropriate and correct calculation. Continue reading

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