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Month: August 2014

Wooden houses Minimalist

rumah minimalis kayu

Has a villa on a mountain or beach area is not a stranger anymore. Even until there is news eviction luxury villas in mountain areas due to stand without permission. Villas are built with concrete structures that reduce the absorption of ground water. If left unchecked, mountainous areas will gradually become a new urban areas that will lose beautiful. Thus, present minimalist wooden house as residential trend brings the feel beautiful and natural.

Minimalist wooden house is a house that all the raw materials the building is made of wood. Usually this house specially ordered as a home break in a place for rural areas or other vacation spot, such as the beach. Not infrequently wooden house as it is also used as the primary model of lodgings in places of strategic holidays, to offer a natural feel to the visitor.

Wooden House Design Minimalist Modern

The wooden house is a house that is basically more spending money as the cost of construction rather than the usual home of the same size. This is what makes minimalist design wooden houses are always mutually exclusive although made with a very minimalist design. Minimalist design wooden house currently has a lot to have the development. If the previous wooden houses just a house with a fence in box, while a wooden house has developed the model without leaving a minimalist impression. Continue reading

Classic Modern Minimalist Style

rumah minimlis kuno

This current trend is residential houses modern and contemporary, with a design that tends to minimalism. However, minimalist dream home does not have to accentuate the impression of urban and contemporary. If you are fond of forms graceful and elegant classic design, you might combine classical elements into modern design, accentuating the impression of elegance but still with a strong practical element in contemporary residential design. This design is suitable for you who like the style beautiful, memorable classic and elegant, but still can match the concept of modern residential and not look too austere or old-fashioned.

Minimalist Dream Home Classic: Exterior Design

If you want to build a dream home is minimalist but with classic design elements, you can combine the classical elements into the concept of a modern building, or building a classical-style house from the beginning, but with modifications to the design concept and the end result seems harmonious and modern.

Classic minimalist house with a contemporary look can be built using the ideas of design elements as follows:

  • Classic-style building houses but applying usage of window glass panels plus curtain width minimalist, or window glass to the size of door-to-ceiling which is typical of a modern home. Shape of the window panel can remain square, and can also arch at the top.

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