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Month: December 2013

Mini Library in Bedroom

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In the private sphere, all favorite activities could be included for added comfort. Especially for room space is no longer simply function as a place to rest. If reading becomes a hobby and routines that you do before going to bed, then there is no harm in presenting library in the room. By doing so, you can be more comfortable and linger reading in the bedroom.

Libraries do not have to always be in a separate room that requires a lot of places. Factors limited land and high land prices become one of the causes. With a chick and modern design, the design of the library can be a solution to the limitations of space you have. Design library is not only intended to have a functional value, but still consider the aesthetic side.

Like the library, bookshelf comes wrapped in open storage. Designed drift, bookshelves designed from wood material with thickness of 2 cm and 20 cm depth, are arranged in a row with a distance of 25 cm. Games on the basis of uneven shelves provide the luxury and make it look stiff. Continue reading

Reforming Water

menata air

Speaking of water would never finish. How come? Our life in this world is affected in existence. Our physical health will be protected if we get enough supply of clean water. The need for water is high. More than 200 liters per person to use water every day.

However, not only clean water, sewage discharge is also very influential on our health. Smooth exhaust system of this waste water (both solid and liquid) will determine the health and comfort of our lives.

Difficulty getting clean water and water distribution is not smooth a problem that often arises in our lives, at home or wherever we are. Likewise with waste water that is not managed properly, can be a source of problems that could potentially generate other problems are greater. Continue reading

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