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The human brain is a remarkable organ. The brain receives raw information gathered by the senses, filter out useless information, identify critical data and compile into a perception of the world around us. The brain can also be manipulated in a certain way. This time we will discuss about the trick to improve the quality of minimalist garden at our home, which makes the brain think that a small garden look more majestic.

The brain can be tricked into a three-dimensional aspect through the illusion that change the perception of space. More particularly, the neighbors can not be fooled by the small yard assuming your home look bigger from their perspective. How did this happen? The brain uses cues such as the relative speed of movement and perspective to build our perception of three-dimensional space. Animator simulate these cues in the form of two-dimensional, for example through the use of linear perspective, which uses a single focal point to simulate the distance. The brain will see a series of two-dimensional line as a transparent cube.

You can use this little trick for your small home. If you have a small garden or courtyard, below there are some proper techniques to make your garden appear larger than it actually is :

Use Color In Balance
Have you ever wondered why we grow plants for beauty? The biggest reason may be because the color they produce. If used properly, the colors found in plants can help extend the home page display.

Warm colors (such as red, yellow, brown and orange) have an interesting effect on the human brain. As a result, we are visually attracted to him and as if moving closer to us. Conversely, cool colors (such as blue, green, pink and purple) are more likely to blend in with other parts of the park.

By placing a warm colored plants near the main focus of your page (usually the home or patio) may attract more attention. Placement colored plants along the border and the edge of the page will create the illusion of distance and your page will look bigger. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Clean Kitchen

membersihkan dapur

Clean-up activities should be carried out as often as possible home regularly to keep it clean. Because almost every day we engage in activities that can make our homes become dirty and full of trash.

No exception to the kitchen section, which is the beginning where we produce food we eat. although the activities of cleaning the kitchen looks inconvenient, but when done correctly, then it becomes easier with efficient results. So you need not fear the report, it is regularly done this job will be easier terrace with maximum results.

As follows :

1. Storing leftovers
Clean food and save the rest of the dishes before you wash the dishes. For according to the study of bacteria in food can be grown doubled every 20 minutes at room temperature.

2. Wash dirty dishes
After cleaning store food in the refrigerator, immediately soak dirty dishes and pans former cook with hot water that has been given soap so that the rest of the fast food regardless. then leave a few minutes later dishwasher to clean. Continue reading

Shape Design Modern Minimalist House roof terrace

Desain Bentuk Atap Teras Rumah Minimalis Modern

Minimalist house building will look beautiful with a minimalist design house roof. Although the roof of a house is not the focus of important people while visiting the house, the roof of the house remains an important influence overall view of the house building. Roofs minimalist design increasingly realizing harmony with a minimalist design house building.

The roof terrace minimalist design
Roofs were first seen is a roof terrace. Therefore, the design of the roof terrace minimalist home should be properly addressed. Design the roof terrace for a minimalist home is not too complicated. Enough highlight the simplicity of a roof.

The roof can be made of a triangular or rectangular design, depending on your tastes as a homeowner. Clay tile roof or roof ceiling also depends on your taste. Only, minimalist house roof model is not a simple alias festive. Continue reading

Examples of Minimalist Modern Minimalist With Carport

Contoh Rumah Minimalis Modern Dengan Carport Minimalis

Vehicles have become an essential part of modern life. Almost no activity that can be done outside the home without this facility. That is why, carport or garage becomes an important part in modern society occupancy, including in homes that are simple and minimalist design. Well, if you’re planning a comfortable shelter at once a refuge for your favorite vehicle, then examples of modern minimalist house with a carport or garage minimalist below can be a source of inspiration for you.

Garage Minimalist Modern Minimalist House In Example
In the past, portrayed as a storage garage car really protect it from the heat of the sun, the rain, to the views of outsiders. Garage in the past has always been built as a separate room with the door tightly to maximize security at night. However, various examples of minimalist house simple and simple is no longer fully show such character.

Design garage currently following the minimalist trend has not receded in popularity today. House with a simple but chic design will be more artistic if combined with a carport or garage minimalist design anyway. One of the things that distinguishes the garage minimalism of conventional garage in the past is the use of the design of the door that does not hide or cover up the vehicle from view. Currently, full garage doors are no longer trending. Continue reading

Model Ladder With Steel Elements

Model Tangga Rumah Minimalis Dengan Elemen Baja

The minimalist two-storey house, use of stair design requires special attention. Because the small room will seem full when filled with staircase design ‘wasteful.’ Therefore, minimalist staircase be a solution to save space in your home. There are several materials used for the stairs in the house minimalist. Among these are wood and steel. Wood been the natural impression is presented in the house, meanwhile, iron or steel staircase looks more modern and more varied models.

Domestic models minimalist Of Steel
Model minimalist staircase made of steel became a favorite of many homeowners and commercial building owners. It looks more neat and sturdy. However, one of the advantages that affect its popularity is its design easily customizable and efficient place. The model is much more varied and can be ordered as a place where the stairs will be placed.

There are several other advantages of the design of the overall minimalist staircase parts made of iron or steel. Here are some of them:

  • The model is flexible and varied. Stairs minimalist home can be designed according to your request as homeowners, both in terms of shape and size. The resulting display can also be adjusted, for example, display a simple, modern, or even traditional. The interface can be made straight or spiral-shaped, depending on its position in the house.

Continue reading

This is Colour Paint minimalist Right

Inilah Pilihan Warna Cat Rumah Minimalis Yang Tepat

This is the minimalist option Right Cat. Minimalist home is now an option favored by many people to model their home. Houses of this type are very appropriate to the needs of modern families who need homes are simple and minimalist. A home will look beautiful if it has a corresponding paint color. Selection of a minimalist house paint can not be arbitrary and needs proper thinking that the house can have a perfect paint.

If you would choose paint for your minimalist home then you also have to have a lot of considerations that the paint of your choice right for your home. the selection of paint colors indeed have to adjust your taste and if you choose a paint that is not to your taste then it would give the impression that is not convenient for you.

Cat combination of minimalist
You can choose the base color to your home as neutral colors white and black. If you like bright colors then you can choose the color that is quite refreshing eye colors such as yellow, green and blue. Selection of the right colors will make your home the better because the paint the house minimalist minimalist impression at home will be more visible. Continue reading

Iron Fence Model Home Latest minimalist

Model Pagar Besi Depan Rumah Minimalis Terbaru

Although most minimalist home is not equipped with a fence, but there’s nothing wrong if you give your minimalist fence on that house you avoid things that are less comfortable. In addition, the fence can also be used as home accessories that can give beauty to your home.

Therefore, various fences now sold traded in the market. All forms adapted to the houses today. You also must be smart in choosing the fence, choose the fence that matches the theme of your house stretcher so as to give the impression of matching that will make your home look more attractive.

There is nothing wrong, if you know about the latest minimalist fence models designed specifically to house again become a trend today, that minimalist home. Continue reading

Modern minimalist frame of wood

kusen pintu

Door frames not only have practical benefits to the home, but also gives the element of beauty in the shelter so that more beautiful. A minimalist frame design elements are simple but can be applied as a simple yet functional design elements. Door frame can be made with a variety of models, colors and materials, adapted to the tastes and budget construction or renovation of houses.

Choosing a door frame should consider the overall style and design of the house, be it for a new home or old home renovation that you want. Door frames can be mounted either on the door leading to the outside or to another room, and can be used as part of interior design in addition to the exterior design of the building. Choosing the right frame can make your home look beautiful and attractive.

Minimalist frame: Simple And Graceful
The minimalist design is not only popular as design houses, but also the door and the jamb. Model sills minimalist home does not have too much detail or carving, but adapted so that it appears in harmony with the door, the design of the wall and the overall style of the house. Although it looks just like a simple addition, frames can be minimalist design accents are elegant and attractive. No matter whether your home a modern style, furutistik or classic, minimalist house frame will make it look more elegant and graceful. Continue reading

Tiny garden Inside Home

Taman Mungil Di Dalam Rumah

Small garden inside the home can provide a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Garden inside the house can be a choice of interior design of your home. With the small garden in the house will make your home more beautiful and comfortable. For those busy people who do business with the garden in the house will give you a different feel when arriving home park that is in your home can also make a place for relaxation eliminate fatigue after a long day of work.

The park is in the house is also beneficial for air circulation in the house, a lot of plants in the house will increase the supply of oxygen in your house, so the house will be more comfortable and cool even without air conditioning.

Tiny Garden Design In Home
Make a small garden design in the home is easy-giddy difficult, the constraints is if your home has a minimalist model. But take it easy for a minimalist model homes are not able to make park in the big house and fancy. Continue reading

Minimalist Design House Vacation In Tropics

Desain Rumah Liburan Minimalis Di Daerah Tropis

Vacationing in the tropics gives a different feel in the family vacation, especially if the time can be used in private, away from the noise of city life. Tropical minimalist home can be designed as a small holiday home, with beautiful environment and blends with nature. The following minimalist design tropical house can maybe inspire you to build unique yet comfortable dwelling in the tropics.

Tropical house design is minimalist: Exterior view
At first glance, this minimalist house design looks unique. Yes, the house with the design of a now rare. However, that form a pointed roof is suitable if around the house, you are planting trees for protection from the sun, or, if you build a house in an area with high rainfall. A pointed roof like this minimize maintenance costs, because the roof does not accommodate foliage or rainwater. Patio area is built with a minimalist design, incorporating unique design park bench.

In addition to the unique, the house is also designed with an environmentally friendly concept, to meminimisir use of electrical energy. Wide openings, such as windows at the front, rear, and part of the kitchen makes air circulation and light running properly. In addition, windows and glass doors present a spacious atmosphere, even though the house is actually very limited extent. Continue reading

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