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The Easiest Type of Flooring to Clean

After one spill too many or years of dirt and grime tracked onto your flooring, you’ve had enough of cleaning your floors. You’re ready to replace your flooring, or maybe you’re moving into a new home and you want easy-to-clean flooring that will stand up to spills and dirt better. Opt for laminate flooring for your kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and as many rooms as you want to keep easily clean.

Invest in Laminate

While all types of flooring have their advantages, when it comes to easy cleaning, laminate can’t be beat. Quickly installed over existing flooring, laminate stands up to spills because you can easily use a mop, sponge or wet cloth to wipe stains and dirt away. Since it dries quickly, you won’t have to worry about moisture causing damage to your flooring. It’s easy to vacuum, too, when you spill food or encounter dust or loose dirt. You won’t feel like you have to closely monitor your pets or kids who might drag dirt all over the floor.

Carpets soak up stains and are so difficult to clean because you shouldn’t get them wet if you can’t properly dry them. Hardwood floors scratch so easily. Laminate is attractive, affordable and the easiest type of flooring to clean.

Design House with Wall Wood

Desain Rumah dengan Dinding Kayu

This simple wooden house is a minimalist home design idea element with simplicity. Cabin design to be an extension (extension) from the existing home. This house was originally a classic building. The addition of modern functions and more futuristic make it as a suitable place for families today. Home design inspired by nature and the forest environment, provide the atmosphere and look of wooden houses, mostly made of natural materials, light and landscapes, with contemporary touches and artwork as decoration.

The house design has the potential to be a simple dwelling that is comfortable and the whole house has a function and attractive appearance. The house is equipped with wooden walls and a wooden deck, offers many outdoor shades. In addition to the entrance door as well as a window that gave way natural light into the interior and eliminate the limit that between inside and outside the home.

In addition, the use of wood for the walls and floor of the organic lifestyle that help preserve the environment. Warm-colored wood floors, modern cabinets, become a natural attraction which is very interesting from the interior of this house. Glass walls are also used in the dining room, kitchen and other rooms. Glass wall follows the sloping design of the ceiling, adding interior height and maximize the views. Continue reading

Interior Design Home Appliances

Desain Interior Tangga Rumah

Main functions minimalist interior Stairs

For a minimalist house that has two or more than one floor, it must use the stairs. Design ladder should be adapted to the conditions of the room. Whatever type of stair design is minimalist, glamorous or the other, the most important is the comfort and safety functions of the ladder itself. Because we all know that the stairs are used to ascend to a higher room. Therefore, ktia should think about its safety, especially if you have small children.

Many people do not pay attention to the design of the stairs, they only pay attention to the function. Whereas ktia can design stairs to our liking, so it becomes more sophisticated.

Here are some examples of the unique Stairs Minimalist Design. You may be inspired to make it happen in your minimalist home:

  • Unique design with a circular shape centered on one pole. It’s artistic ladder with white color goes great with a black handle.

Continue reading

Bedroom Design Attractive

kamar tidur

The bedroom is the most comfortable place for us when removing tired and exhausted after so long the activity outside. However, the bedroom can also be a room that is very boring if there is no room decor beautiful and attractive to look at. So the rooms are supposed to make our dreams become beautiful it makes sleep becomes restful.

Then how is that our bedroom looks interesting? Will provide a reference for you on bedroom design examples that you can draw at home:

  • Wall color
    Paint your bedroom with bright colors or colors that you like. By giving the room a bright color will make you look more beautiful and bright. If you like wall hangings to decorate your walls, it is also allowed to add on the walls to make it look more attractive.
  • Room Furniture
    For some of the bedrooms are large in size, has some room furniture that many may not be a problem. But for those of you who have a room not too broad or narrow, should reduce some of the stuff that makes your bedroom look more narrow.

Continue reading

Living Interior Design Inspiration Tiny

interior rumah tangga

The living room is a space which is important in the house. In this space homeowners receive and entertain guests. Because of its location at the front, then the arrangement of this room should be as neat as possible because it reflects the state of his household space and also its owner. To make the living room decor does not have to be big and too broad.

With a small living room can be designed as attractive as possible to make it look more beautiful. But the arrangement of course must be true and right. The most important factor in interior manufacture design tiny living room is comfort and beauty. So although narrow but also have something special.

Paint Color Living Small

Minimalist design house synonymous with furniture that does not have a large size. Therefore, the interior design also uses a tiny living room furniture whose size is slim. Sofas, tables, and chairs select the size is not too large with simple design but still looks good and does not leave the impression of a minimalist modern because the concept is a modern concept. Continue reading

Minimalist Home Garden Design With Nature

taman rumah minimalis

Has a beautiful garden is part of the ideal home; even if you are a small home, garden or yard can give the impression of beautiful and comfortable. Parks minimalist home is a new trend in recent years, which followed the model of the park landscape surrounding environment, so it seems natural. As a result, the park is no longer looked like an artificial landscape, but it seems quite subtle blend with the surrounding environment.

ren is widely adopted in modern style homes or contemporary. And if your house is not so large, natural garden with lawns and not too many ornaments will make the house feel relieved.

Modern Minimalist Home Garden: Grass Land For Primary Element

In many modern homes, gardens modern minimalist home is often dominated by grasslands were completely flat, then added with ornaments to affirm the yard boundaries with the surrounding environment. For example, the lawn was left neatly laid flat without too many garden ornaments such as statues, shrubs or landscape that is too detailed. This kind of minimalist home park popular because it felt relieved and airy, and if you renovate the house, the garden of this kind will always fit in with any design. Continue reading

Design House Front With Natural Stone

rumah minimalis tampak dpn dgn batu

One of the things that distinguishes between the concept of minimalist modern with the original concept developed in the 1920 is the addition of a personal touch to the design of the house facade. According to the original concept, the front of the house quite covered with plaster minimalist, yet modern minimalist home draft provide protective applications that are not only limited to plaster and paint the walls. One is the application of natural stone on certain parts to make the front look more beautiful.

Front view alias minimalist facades still maintaining simplicity but does not leave the artistic element. For some homeowners modern, natural stone applied to a specific part to deliver a more natural impression and blend with nature. Natural stone combined with greenery or water element in the front garden as well blur the line between modern construction with nature.

Front minimalist With Natural Stone

Natural stone became one of the favorite choice to beautify the facade of the house minimalist. Natural stone is now available in the form of ready-made slabs as well as ceramics. So, enough with the system installation temple. In addition, natural stone colors today are very varied, so you can choose according to your preferences and your own residential concept. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors Wall minimalist

cat rumah tampk dpn

Wall color for a home is an important part. Because of the matching color, the atmosphere of the residents will also be more comfortable. Which becomes difficult in the wall painting is the selection of colors that will be used. Choosing the right color is any part that is important, especially for a minimalist home.

Because the ideal fit will give the impression that the beautiful, elegant, and luxurious to the home you live in. Therefore, you need to think mature to determine minimalist home wall paint color of your home is.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

To find the combination of wall paint color suitable for minimalist house walls of your home, it takes a creativity that the results obtained are also maximum and not arbitrary. Combination gray with red or gray with black you can try to apply for a display impression elegant home. Continue reading

The Minimalist One Floor The Luxury

rumah minimalis 1 lantai

It currently has a minimalist home is a dream of many people, this is because the capital employed to have relatively affordable. Moreover, the house is designed in accordance with the development increasingly follow the trend and are definitely nice and attractive design.

This house is suitable for people who have limited funds and land. If you want to have this house, it is important that you need to consider is the look ahead. If you want a home that only one floor only, then looked ahead minimalist first floor of your house is designed according to the shape of your house. Your house will often be seen from the front than any area, and therefore choose the best design for the front of your house.

To get the most looks forward minimalist first floor of your home, make a plan first house that you will wake up. Ask for opinions or consult with a professional architect house plans that you made based on an appropriate and correct calculation. Continue reading

Wooden houses Minimalist

rumah minimalis kayu

Has a villa on a mountain or beach area is not a stranger anymore. Even until there is news eviction luxury villas in mountain areas due to stand without permission. Villas are built with concrete structures that reduce the absorption of ground water. If left unchecked, mountainous areas will gradually become a new urban areas that will lose beautiful. Thus, present minimalist wooden house as residential trend brings the feel beautiful and natural.

Minimalist wooden house is a house that all the raw materials the building is made of wood. Usually this house specially ordered as a home break in a place for rural areas or other vacation spot, such as the beach. Not infrequently wooden house as it is also used as the primary model of lodgings in places of strategic holidays, to offer a natural feel to the visitor.

Wooden House Design Minimalist Modern

The wooden house is a house that is basically more spending money as the cost of construction rather than the usual home of the same size. This is what makes minimalist design wooden houses are always mutually exclusive although made with a very minimalist design. Minimalist design wooden house currently has a lot to have the development. If the previous wooden houses just a house with a fence in box, while a wooden house has developed the model without leaving a minimalist impression. Continue reading

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